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Learn the Art of Acquiring Major Donors | Donorbox Webinar #majordonors #corporatedonations

Learn the Art of Acquiring Major Donors | Donorbox Webinar #majordonors #corporatedonations

Join us as Jay Frost explores the top strategies for finding, cultivating, and securing major support for your organization. First, we will uncover where the major sources of support are today. Next, we will learn what free and low-cost tools and techniques are available to even the smallest organizations to identify and understand potential major donors. And finally, we will discover the ways to build real, lasting, and rewarding relationships with prospective major donors. Don’t miss this info-packed and practical session designed just for you! Get answers to questions like: How do I identify my top donors? What are the different types of major donors? How do I utilize prospect research tools? Where do I find free and low-cost tools? Why do donor relationships matter most? Sign up today at, You can also check out this short video, to see how you can easily start fundraising with us online, in as little as 15min: More nonprofit resources and tutorials to help you on your journey:- - Learn more about nonprofit fundraising ( - Some prominent case studies ( - Donorbox full features ( - See how Donorbox integrates with other apps ( #nonprofit #donation #donate #majordonors #donorschoose #fundraisingtips
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