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Inspiration and motivation tailored to your event and audience. 


Delivering key content and messages your group needs and wants to know.


Interactive discussions and training on key resource development topics.


Probing discussions with special guests and community leaders.



Jay will involve and inspire your audience with a talk tailored to their professional and personal needs and aspirations. Here are two examples:

Stand Out!

Is your daily work bringing you closer to your big hairy audacious goal? Do you need a big dream reboot? In the battle for our most precious resource and nonrenewable resource — time — knowing what we want may be our most important consideration. Jay Frost leads an exploration to rediscover our biggest dreams, confront our darkest fears, and push beyond the daily obstacles and temporary economic setbacks to shine at the office and beyond!

Faster, Smarter, Greater: The Future of Donor Intelligence 

We now have tools that make us faster. Our analysis makes us look smarter than ever before. But are we in fact any greater than “the sum of our parts”? Fundraising industry leader Jay Frost explores that question in this superpowered opening address. We’ll examine how to build our capacity for understanding what drives us, our colleagues, and our donors. Additionally, we’ll see how to apply this knowledge in our offices and beyond to become greater at what we do and truer to our purpose.



Conference sessions can be both informative and entertaining and that's exactly what Jay provides your audience. Here are just four examples of his frequently requested conference sessions:

Power Prospecting: Finding Your Major Gift Opportunities of the Future

One of the greatest challenges for every nonprofit is attracting individuals with the capacity to give a major gift. In "Power Prospecting,"Jay explores how to find the top wealth holders within your constituency, throughout your community, across the country and around the world. Whether you are embarking on a capital campaign or just trying to expand your private philanthropic support, this workshop will prepare you to identify people who can make your mission possible.

The Six Pillars of Fundraising Success:  Meeting and Exceeding the Challenges of Our Times

It's not enough to be an expert asker or master event planner anymore. Fundraising today requires a new mix of digital savvy, organizational prowess, emotional intelligence, and ethical backbone. In our exciting opening session, innovative fundraising leader Jay Frost guides us on a fun and interactive exploration of the six pillars of fundraising success. We will discuss traditional and state of the art approaches to digital donor identification and research, real relationship building, successful solicitation, volunteer engagement, and ethics in a networked world. Be ready to participate in a lively discussion of what's most important to you, your office, and the field in this fast moving session. 

Popping the Question: Moving from Engagement to Action with Social Media

With roughly 70% of America's millionaires on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, why do so many organizations still treat social media as a direct marketing channel if they use it at all? Fundraising veteran Jay Frost will counter the "let's just be friends" approach to social media by exploring the real financial opportunities social networks present and showcasing the growing universe of nonprofits who are effectively mining this new, expansive and growing marketplace and raising real money!

Twenty Questions!   

If you could ask any questions of your donors, what would they be? What do you really want and need to know? Some questions bring us deeper, more revealing, and more pertinent answers. And, most importantly, they bring us closer to those who are contemplating the legacy they wish to leave behind. In this interactive session, we will compare notes on the questions that will take you from guessing to knowing about your donor and within inches of securing their transformational support.

Tales from the Crypt: Horror Stories of Fundraising

Jay Frost lifts the lid on some of the most hilarious and horrifying tales of fundraising gone awry in recent years, from private data blowing down the streets of town to disrobed major donors and bell-ringing student callers and murderous alumni. It's enough to make you laugh, cry or even gasp--and there's a moral to each tale as well. A perfect session for those unafraid to take a look at the seamier side of fundraising and walk away prepared to not repeat the same mistakes!

What A Wonderful World: Strategies & Tactics for International Fundraising & Prospect Research

Seventy-five percent of the world's millionaires are located outside the US! Are you talking to them? In this fast paced, entertaining and illuminating survey of global giving, Jay explores the major wealth centers and philanthropic trends in each region of the world providing participants the tools to identify major international fundraising opportunities for your institution and help your office better navigate the cultural, legal, and budgetary challenges of transnational giving.



Is it time for your board to review where they are and where they want to go? Do they need an opportunity to see what they can truly do to advance the mission of your organization? 


Jay will design with you a session that is tailored precisely to the needs and interests of your board and staff leadership, that provides an honest and thorough review and discussion of where you are and wish to be, and is sensitive to the culture and internal workings of your overall organization.


Your board and staff will leave energized, focused, and ready to set and achieve greater goals on the road ahead.



Don't just recognize your community leaders and donors. Give them a chance to be heard!


Jay will facilitate an interview with your special guests that allows them to tell their stories and inspire others to join them in the philanthropic journey.


One-on-one interviews, moderated panel discussions, and conference forums are wonderful additions to conference programs and offer rare insights into the minds of those who make our communities great.

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