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Do you want to know how much you can raise for your next major project? The key is to listen to your current and prospective donors. Jay is a master of engaging individuals, learning what motivates them, and discovering what they are most willing and able to do. The information Jay collects in these intimate and confidential conversations with your key stakeholders will provide the basis for determining the best path forward for your project. 

Do you have the pieces in places to do what needs to be done? Jay will carefully examine every aspect of your development effort, from the board and executive leadership to each member of your fundraising staff. He will examine the income and expenditures, tools and techniques, inbound and outbound traditional and digital communications, policies, personnel, and internal politics that influence your greatest successes and failures. This is an essential review for any organization as it experiences natural and recurrent cycles of change, from new leadership and mission evolution to increasing financial goals. 


Embarking on a campaign takes careful planning. Jay will set you on the right path. He can work with you on every aspect of your effort, including: drafting or revising your case; revisiting past feasibility studies or conducting a new one to address emerging goals; developing a campaign plan and budget; establishing and training your campaign committee, staff leadership, and development staff; prioritizing donor prospect lists; and, developing individualize major donor strategies and proposals. 

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